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FCC Winter Banquet

The FCC Winter Banquet is set for Sunday, January 25th from 4 to 7:30 p.m. The banquet has gotten better over the last few years, but this will be the best one yet.  We will have a special speaker, a great dinner and awards. Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided and there will be a cash bar. 

We will also be electing club officers.  We are accepting nominations. If members would like to nominate or be considered as a club officer, please contact Al Matera. Right now

The deadline for registration is January 15th. We ask that each member and guest pay $20.00 for the evening.  The rest of the cost will be paid by the club. Members can register themselves and their guests on-line or you can mail in a check to be received by January 15 to: Fredericksburg Cyclists, P. O. Box 7844, Fredericksburg, VA  22404 

To Register for the winter banquet and for more information, go to the calendar event page.

The Art of Leading from the Front
By Bob Broeking

I am not known for being particularly fast…and I am not known for being particularly slow. But what I am known for by those who ride behind me, besides serving as a great wind break is that I maintain a leader’s pace that rarely causes the dreaded accordion effect to the riders at the same fitness and speed level behind me.

The accordion effect happens when the leader changes their pace often, first speeding up and then slowing down causing EVERYONE behind them to do the same thing. Besides frustrating the riders behind them, it becomes dangerous with over lapped wheels, and sudden braking and accelerations. Before long the only result can be someone in the pace line will go down and possibly take others with them.

Here are some tips on what I do when I am leading from the front on a typical club ride:

If I know the group can maintain an 18-20 mph pace and stay together I simply set my body speedometer on 19mph, 1 mph faster than the 18 MPH average we want to maintain. This way the leader is always pulling away and the riders behind must pedal to stay at the same pace while still having room to coast as they benefit from the draft.

I resist the urge to speed up going up hills, preferring to keep the same constant speed and gradually slow down as the grade and effort increases. When going down hills I continue pedaling (also using the soft pedal technique at times) as the leader must descend quickly enough to allow riders behind to also accelerate for safety. Descending at 24-25 mph is quite reasonable and safe if the group is capable of 18 mph on the flat.

That’s the physical part of how to do it, now the mental part. The leadership of the pace line rotates often with different riders pulling through. Each may have different ideas on how fast to pull through or how fast to lead. Sometimes you will find riders who think the faster they can take off when the leader pulls off, the better…

I let these riders go…literally.

When I am third in line following a good leader at an 18-19mph average and the second rider in line becomes the new leader and speeds the pace to 22 or 24 mph, I let the rider gap the entire pace line and I keep the pace line at a steady 19mph.

Sooner or later the rider who sprinted out will turn around and see no one is following them and usually slow down and tuck to the pace line again or lead at a more reasonable speed. I also never increase my speed when taking over from a good leader up front; I stay on plan and come through at 19mph so no one behind me has to increase their speed. That’s why I call it the mental piece; you have to be mentally tough enough NOT to follow a faster rider, or speed up if that is not the plan!

Lastly a leader must know when to pull off… if the avg pace is 18 mph the leader must pull off the front when they can no longer maintain that magic 19 mph number. If a leader’s pace drops because of being on the front too long and fatigue has set in, guess what starts? The accordion effect! Communication in a pace line is key; knowing what pace everyone is comfortable with and working together to maintain it is will make for an enjoyable ride.

Try it next time you are leading from the front, the riders behind you will appreciate it!

Author’s Caveat: This article does not apply to racing, training for racing, or spirited individual competitive riding. What this article addresses is a typical club ride with riders in your group at the same fitness and speed level, whether that average speed level is 20 mph or 10 mph.

May 2014

Why Should You Join the FCC

Why should you be a member of Fredericksburg Cyclists:

  • to support safe cycling and to help make our area a more cycling friendly community.
  • to participate in area rides with club insurance (non-members only covered for first ride).
  • to be a part of classes, talks and workshops on cycling, maintenance, fitness, nutrition and other bike-related topics.
  • to stay informed on cycling-related activities in our area and be in contact with other riders.
  • to receive discounts at area bike shops and other sporting goods retailers. (For many, this one item will pay for your membership)
  • to participate in social activities with other cyclists.
  • to receive discounted or free registration for some rides such as The Cannonball Century and The Spring Outreach Ride.

Membership is only $15 for an individual, $20 for a family and $10 for full time students. You can join through either of the two options below:

On-line Application

Mail-In Membership Application

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A Typical FCC Ride
Some may wonder, what does a typical Saturday club ride look like? Here's a sample thanks to the video talent of Bob Broeking.

New Fredericksburg Cyclist Jerseys

We only have a few short sleeve jerseys left - first come first serve
- 1 Womens Sport XL
- 2 Womens Sport L
The women's jerseys would work for a guy if you adjust to one size lower. They are just slightly shorter.  Contact Stan Huie if you are interested.

Cannonball Update

By Morgan Jenkins, Cannonball Coordinator 

The 15th Annual Cannonball Century was a huge success with 227 registrants from as close as Fredericksburg to as far away as Hawaii. The weather was fantastic and the course appreciated by all - well, maybe not all if you don't like hills - but that is all relative isn't it? 

The road markings were excellent - thank-you Thom and people had such a good time with the encouragements written on the road - many people laughed at what they had to say and made them feel great! 

The lunch was great - thank-you John Summer for working so hard and providing excellent food all around - the fries were a huge hit!!

I enjoyed the band - Ms Magoo and the Mystics - they added another level of providing a party atmosphere along with Netty, the massage therapist, who looked busy every time I glanced her way. 

I would like to thank all the volunteers individually but that would make for a VERY long thank-you note - 47 of you, but would like to recognize a few who took on the responsibility of coordinating large sections of this event: on top of those people mention above is Bob Morris who did a fabulous job of making registration flow smoothly; Andy Bathke who has made a science of keeping the SAG vehicles on the road; Michelle Padgett purchased and sorted the rest stop food ,she did a great job especially since it was her first time; Stan Huie and my husband, Bill, for their years long dedication to setting up and taking down rest stops; Old Towne Bicycle for providing our roving mechanic; Marla Matera for cooking wonderful rest stop and breakfast breads - very creative choices; the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club for providing consistent radio communications throughout the day; and, lastly, Dustin Davis who has bravely consented to take on the task of coordinating this event next year.

I do hope that all of you who so generously gave of your time this year will step up again next year to support Dustin. This is a daunting but wonderful job that depends on the support of all of you.

Thank-you everyone for all your support through the past 10 Cannonballs. I love you all and look forward to one day even riding the course :-) 

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