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Double Double

  • 08 Sep 2021 8:45 AM
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    This Saturday will begin the Double/Double challenge! We will be doing 2 metric centuries from the Ron Rosner YMCA. 

    As most of you know, I am an ultra distance cyclist that competes in long distance events. I choose ultra distance because at 59 years old I am not the fastest guy on the block but I can ready steady for long distance.

    This first challenge is not about getting it done as fast as possible... it is simple about finishing! I did my first century 8 years ago and it felt so good to finish such an event as a new cyclist. I have done many centuries and longer events since that first century. I have had many people along the way encourage me and in that vein I want to encourage everyone to push their limits with this challenge.

    I plan to go at a pace that the group can hold together.  The total route for this weekend is 132 miles. At a pace of 16 mph it will take the group a little over 8 hours of moving time. With stops along the way and regrouping at the YMCA between the metrics I plan on this being a 10-12 hour event. 

    I would say that you should be a rider that has ridden a century or two and is comfortable with a 16 mph and above average over a long ride. 

    You are welcome to join us for even if you only want to do the first metirc century and not the second or join us for the second metric ( I would estimate that we will be starting the 2nd metric on Saturday at about noon.

    If you have questions please feel free to contact me at 540-760-7015 or email at mike.tpoint@hotmail.com


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